Underwater and Civil Engineering Services

What We Offer

  • Civil Engineering
  • Survey / Inspection
  • Waterway Repair and Maintenance
  • Salvage
  • Media Work
  • Ship's Husbandry
  • Underwater Demolition
  • Safety Boat Cover
  • Confined Space and Rescue


For our salvaging projects we’re able to mobilise our specialist team and equipment at short notice. This gives you the best chance of recovering your assets, quickly and with the least amount of environmental impact. We are accustomed to managing fast moving and developing situations in a variety of challenging locations. Our salvaging services include:

  • Propeller Removal
  • Search and Recovery of Vessels
  • Ship Lightening and Fuel Removal Work
  • Topside and Underwater Cutting
  • Topside and Underwater Welding
  • Underwater Construction
  • Underwater Rigging
  • Underwater Surveying and Damage Assessment
  • Wreck, Debris, and Seabed Clearance

Civil Engineering

With many years of experience in civil engineering, salvaging, ship maintenance, and more, we have a diverse range of skills and excellent experience. Our team is ready to deploy at short notice, and we always use the latest diving equipment, including a comprehensive pool of specialist air diving and subsea packages available. 

We provide the plant, personnel, and materials to offer a professional, single source solution to clients, all while minimising cost using detailed project planning. Our main emphasis is to complete projects safely, on time and within budget.

Our civil engineering services include:

  • Maintenance, Construction, and Demolition
  • Support Vessels, Boats, and Barges
  • Grouting and Concreting
  • Support for Environmental Surveys
  • Underwater Surveys and inspection on Marine Structures
  • Thickness NDT
  • Interpretive Report Writing on Any Survey or Inspection

Media Work

If you’re looking for professional divers or equipment for your next project, we’re here to help. We’re able to supply underwater cameras and housings, operators, supervisors, and dive teams. We also specialise in on-set safety or doubling as police, military, or historical divers. When doing this we’re able to supply a range of authentic diving equipment and modern broadcast quality underwater communications to ensure that you get the best final product.

Vessel Hull Inspections

Our divers and supervisors have years of experience with hull surveys on all type of vessels to the following standards:

  • Lloyds
  • DNV-DL
  • ABS

We’re currently going through the process of gaining the above class society recognition, and will soon be able to provide inspections to these standards.

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